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What is New Caribbean Cinema? Full featurette: why we do what we do and how we do it…

Clip from COAST: directed by Nile Saulter

Opening sequence: MISSED: directed by Michelle Serieux

NCC interview at Calabash May 2010

Highlights from MISSED sneak preview at Calabash


7 Responses to Videos

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  2. chris forbes says:

    trust mi the entire film quality so clean looks like hollywood style ill give the crew a A for that not to mention the scenes A also good job keep it up hope u shoot a video for my song soon

  3. Amilcar says:

    I am loving this. me here in florida and my nephew in new york, who both work in this field talk all the time about doing work in JA and to see that you are doing it is great. hope we can work together in the future. so many stories back home to be told

  4. Shea says:

    gr8 work as usual, rate the movement long time. love to see creativity in its finest form. big ups.

  5. Alice Clarke says:

    What a fantastic initiative!! It just goes to show how cooperation can take you a long way! Well done and hope you’re an example for all to see across many sectors! I am so impressed in terms of the way you have managed to make the most of what you have and decided to not wait around for funding that never seems to materialise – this will go very far indeed!

  6. Cant wait to come forward to JA and do some work back a Yard. Florida a kill me… bless up and keep the works coming. Memba Quashi seh fi back di ting!

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