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If you have a great idea for a short film, or just want to hail us up, give us a shout online at OR


10 Responses to Shout Us

  1. Jacqueline Bishop says:

    If you have a mailing list, could I please be put on it?

    Thank you!

  2. Ceejay Baker says:

    Hey guys, sweet stuff you got there, pity i dont see them on TV or anywhere, i just happened to stumble on this site, wondering if Jamaican movies existed anymore.

    Keep it up!

    Ps. the ‘film festivals’ need to be properly advertised on radio, tv, newspaper, etc. Maybe you could make note of that to the relevant folks.

  3. Island Girl says:

    I have been lucky enough to catch glimpses of most of the group’s works. The last was at Calabash 2010. *threethumbsup*

    I remember the discussions included protecting your works and a reference was made of the National Library of Jamaica (I think). Hope you’ve at least considered and/or started taking other formal steps in protecting yourselves.

    If I recall, the group was also on the look out for sponsorship. I may be spouting a bunch of nonsense when I say, at this point in time that search may be linked with exposure. I have no knowledge of your project deadlines, but what about submitting films specifically made for the various film festivals: Tribeca, Cannes, Sundance and the like?

    More collaborations couldn’t hurt either like with “established” festivals like Calabash, possibly JCDC, you feel me? Oh and remember that PayPal option (discuss it and if not deemed too tacky and the legalities can be ironed out, I say go for it). Persons may want to make small contributions and PayPal might be the most secure method for them to do so.

    Persons who might be able to make a monetary contribution, might be able to give of their time for example help with canvassing and distribution of flyers, helping during filming…

    Y’all have a good thing and it’s time I got off my soap box now… Continued blessings.

  4. Ryan C. Khan says:


    Great presentation by Michelle today at the TTFF 2010 Workshop.

    Basically I’m a Trini film maker and I’m interested in getting involved…making some links cross d islands. Michelle had to rush out so I didn’t get a chance to talk to her. Actually one of the film makers on your site, Joel Burke, was in my latest short film.

    Anyways…the films looking fresh. Look forward to linking up.


  5. Anabel Fernández says:

    Heya friends! I am in charge of the communication work @ the Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase office in Cuba. Iwas thrilled to see the interest you put in our presentations in Jamaica. That is what we work -really hard – for!!! glad 2 be in touch… I would like to have a contact email to send you personally our press releases, so you can have 1st hand news from us… you can write to ! thanks 4 caring for Caribbean Cinema!!!

  6. chauncey chester says:

    I like your style alot(proud actually).. I am guyanese american producer from brooklyn. I notice that you are starting a movement (new wave cinema in you may) I love it(true artist indeed and not just someone running around with a camera). Keep up the good work and best of luck with the feature film
    I will be spreading the word up here..we need more good stories from the carribean…many many thanks



  7. Hi There,

    Caught your short film, Missed, at the CaribbeanTales Toronto film showcase and I really enjoyed it. I’m a Jamaican Canadian actress and I have been wondering about the film industry there in Jamaica. I’m glad to hear it is emerging and that there are liked minded individuals like myself (that’s young struggling filmmakers, with not much funding, but lots of talent). Like yourselves a bunch of us also got together and started the Toronto Filmmakers Club, where we get together and makes films that can be showcase and used as calling cards. While I was sitting there I was thinking how can we work together because I’m in strong like of what you guys are doing…I haven’t come up with the best way yet but I’m thinking on it.

    Again real proud of what you are all doing and I will be in touch at a later time to see how I can get more involved with your movements…

  8. Hello All

    I am part of an organization that promotes the history and culture of Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean in Film.
    We create short documentaries that highlight the lifestyle, religion, art and various other aspects of the people of Trinidad and Tobago.
    We have launched an online store to sell mainly downloadable HD movies (documentaries).
    Currently we have uploaded one documentary called “Shouters and the ‘Control Freak’ Empire”.
    This film talks about social justice with regards to freedom to practice religion.
    Please kindly take some time to check our website:

  9. Yaard Girl says:

    So proud to see the creativity coming out of the Caribbean! Your work is truly a part of our great legacy in the world. Jah know unnu tan good!
    I am really hungry for more and wondering where I can get copies of the movies listed on your site.

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