Movements…ever forward

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I just had a real soul affirming moment today and its helped put every single detail of my life as a Caribbean creative into clear sharp precise perspective. Give thanks! It must have been so cool for these comrades Charles Burnett, Julie Dash, Haile Gerima etal to be part of that badass crew associated with the LA rebellion. For those of us young’uns who feel like we were born into a generation where things are so flacid we all feel like rebels without a cause, I’ve definitely found one that’ll makes us all proud, now and in hindsight, to be part of this time that we’re living in. All throughout out history there have been little spurts of creativity within our cinematic community and at this time, we are definitely going through another great one. Picking the lessons from the ones that fell short in the past, this one is going to rely heavily on our commitment as a people to supporting Independent Cinema from the not-so-seen cinesphere, black film, indie film, nuanced film, Caribbean film, African Diaspora film. I’ve seen some really cool stuff in the little time I’ve been here, the wickedest fashion film with a mad groovy beat called Party of Ministers and a very cool, very original take on a cycle of bad decisions, mayhem in black and white in a short film called Bump. The festival’s small but the energy is massive…big up yourselves, lovers and makers of diaspora cinema.

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