So I treated myself to another round of Independent Cinema last night and went to the 9:30 showing of Trishna at IFC. I think I am still trying to settle on what my views are about the film. A very very powerful subject, no doubt, and performances that left me chyuuupppsing audibly, annoyed at Freida Pinto’s character for being so spineless, but also recognising the futility of wishing she would do anything other than bobble her head and let other people decide on her fate. I guess that kind of is what we women do when we have no options, especially when our financial freedom is nil, compromising ourselves becomes not even a choice but a matter of instinctual self preservation. Perhaps. That this is the reality of so many women in the world is really enough to give anyone pause. I guess at some point I will get around to my thoughts on the drama itself, and the meandering subplots that were as excessive as the lives they were trying to mimic, but in the meantime, the film has left me haunted. I think that’s a good thing.

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