Moonrise Kingdom

I cant stop smiling. I was contemplating starting this post in some over the top melodramatic way that in my head sounded something like this:

I am in love. With a film. My heart is still. Racing. That’s why I’m. Typing like. This. Tryna Catch. Back. Meh. Breath.

But I’m back home now so all the breath catching is kinda out dated.  The truth is quite simply that Moonrise Kingdom, directed by Wes Anderson, starring a bunch of exceptional veteran actors and even more exceptional battalion of young new faces, led by two 12 year olds, is, in my opinion, a masterpiece. I think everyone at BAM tonight forgave themselves for the spontaneous outbursts of laughter that riddled the cinema. You just could’t help but laugh at loud. Extended LOLLLLLLLSSSS.

This film is a superb oeuvre, in style, beauty and theme, a wonderful celebration of innocence and the days when good ole human values could trump all. Watching tonight I wondered how the actors felt at Cannes at the premier. What would it have been like for them to see the film unravel for the first time? What was the magic like for everyone in the cinema for that initial moment? I was enraptured by the first 3 seconds. Camera movement and texture like whoa. Style like kapow. And the cutest cat I have ever seen in a film. I guess I wont ever know what the vibe was at the Grande Lumiere but the opportunity to have experienced that little piece of magic tonight in good ole Brooklyn is enough to send me to bed smiling. I also met some really cool people at this Sundance ShortsLab I attended today, also at BAM…good times. Indeeeeeed. Night’night folks. Vivre le cinema!

Cool article on the production and post prod  for Moonrise Kingdom

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One Response to Moonrise Kingdom

  1. cant fight what you cant see but once you see him its over, good anecdote for life.

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