Men in Black 3.

I was really hoping I would see a film that would round up my threesome of blockbuster commentary on a good ole uplifting positive note. Believe it or not, I don’t really enjoy watching bad films, I mean I get a few risible moments just sharing my opinion afterwards but it’s a little disheartening if that opinion turns out to be consistently negative, as it has over the past few. But I guess that is directly relative to the type of films I LIKE seeing versus the type of films I have BEEN seeing over the last couple days. So here’s what’s up. I convinced a friend to come with me to Magic Johnson Cinema in Harlem to watch Men in Black 3. I like watching certain types of films there because pretty much like Jamaican audiences, I have found that Harlemites talk back at characters onscreen and get so involved in the action, the experience becomes 4 dimensional. Needless to say, the theatre was 3/4 empty that Sunday night and I don’t think its going to get any fuller in the days to come. Nobody was talking too much either except to kiss their teeth and chyuupsss at the magee that was happening in front of them. My commentary on this will therefore be limited to  few superficial statements:

Will Smith is getting old and its visible. As was the makeup on all of the actors. I don’t know how come I noticed it so much but that really bothered me.

Emma Thompson must have had a real laugh at herself during that eulogy scene where she squawked, squealed and screeched incoherently. Yeah. Wowwwwwwww.

I did appreciate the “back-to-the-past” look at Tommy Lee Jones’ character which explains  the contemporary character’s reticence.

The premise of MIB3 gives us some closure. Now it’s time to let the franchise go.


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2 Responses to Men in Black 3.

  1. I agree. I found Men in Black 3 to be a stupid little move, with the only useful information being how K met J. Interested to see how the other summer flicks round out.

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