The summer is doomed

I have just returned from watching “PROMETHEUS” and oh Jah, what a colossal waste of money. Now the funny thing is, after laughing my head off at this scathing review of Snow White, I went to see Prometheus simply because said reviewer hinted that things might get better since there were films like Prometheus, Men in Black 3 etc etc on the horizon. Womp womp. Things just got worse. Serves me right for watching “hollywood” stuff but its summer, what can I say, call it my dose of junkfood. Up to now I am still waiting to figure out why the engineers “changed their minds” and decided to wipe out the earthlings they spawned instead…are you confused right now? Well good. So am I. Not even Idris Alba’s sexiness cudda save dis one. My rating: 2 bottle fling. Not 1. But 2. Boooooooo. Ridley Scott haffi wheel and come again, faire un l’autre round. Awa ee.

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