Michelle’s movie post of the week (whoo-hoo!)

Ok. So the title of this post sounds encouraging but hear what, in the next few sentences, I am going to out myself. Here it comes. I confess. I failed. Did Michelle look forward all day to going to a screening after her Law class yesterday? Yes she did. Did she walk all the way from Bobst Library to Film Forum, then trudge up the street to an ATM after being informed by the ticket sales girl that it was “cash only” then trudge back down the block with said cash inhand, pay for said ticket and promptly install herself in the best seat in the house to watch Elena. Yes she did. What happened afterward is just…well, those who know me and my little up at dawn routine can probably guess. I am no super hero. If I were, then being awake through out the entire film would not have become the herculean task it ended up being for me last night, as I snoozed my life away, feet propped up on the row infront me while Elena glared at me from the screen. Yes. I fell asleep. Note to self: do not even ATTEMPT to watch movies after 10pm Michelle, you will NOT make it. So what can I say about ELENA: very memorable. The opening shot lasts about a full minute on screen before moving into a very well composed series of mises en scene, establishing this upscale house, the environment where our main character lives, and where the story will come full circle and eventually end. Elena lives with this businessman from the upper class, its not clear in the beginning if she’s his housekeeper, nurse, wife or friend, but we later discover she is his second wife. They are definitely from different sides of the tracks and the tale is really a moral battle for her as to whom she gives her loyalty. When hubby dies, she moves into the space with her good for nothing  beer drinking son and his equally good for nothing dependents. Here ends my critique. Don’t hate, appreciate. I promise my next post will be muchhhhh better. 5 Broken Cameras. I will catch the 1pm show and ensure that the sleep elves  aren’t lurking…girl guide’s honor.


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