NCC Cannes selects, Magic, Mayhem, Momentum and Movies!

Grrrreeetings cinephiles! Cannes has come and gone and our wonderful friends at ARC (click here) and the Observer newspaper  helped us spread the word about our most meaningful trip over to the South of France. Major magic is in the making and we are moving with the momentum. Checkout some more of our NCC Cannes selects, with a few extra pics we saved for our loyal blog readers…

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Meanwhile, I’ve decided to give myself a movie marathon. I am going to watch a movie a day and blog about it. Now, I’m no film critic although I did take a class with Andrew Sarris (on Day 1 he did not know where in the world Namibia was and I still haven’t forgiven him for it) but I’m in the Big A for a few weeks (=mayhem) and me and some movie houses are going to be making friends. Yesterday I watched Snow White and the truth is I really shouldn’t have (and you shouldn’t either, btw) and that’s all I’m going to say about that…

(Drumroll) In this week’s line up we have some goodies:

5 Broken Cameras (which Storm came from DC film fest absolutely raving about) and Elena, a film that just came in to my radar but with so many interesting accolades, I have to see what the hype’s about…and a few more I’m digging up from some interesting spots…

Soon check in again with my skewed take on whatever movie I see…meanwhile, enjoy the week!

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2 Responses to NCC Cannes selects, Magic, Mayhem, Momentum and Movies!

  1. Chantal says:

    Congrats on Cannes!! Hope you will be coming over to London again this year for Caribbean Film Corner .

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