Farewell Thursday: Walk Good Aggrey Brown

I am trying to make permanent the ethereal and fleeting experience of unabridged thought that tends to happen under extreme duress. With these words  I’d like to make a record of the profound impact that Professor Aggrey Brown, mentor, advisor and friend imprinted on me from the first day of class as a lecturer at the Caribbean Institute of Media and Communication where I read for my first degree. “Name the world for yourself,” he said, “question question always question what you know or what you have been conditioned to know as the truth.”

Today the sky is weeping over Kingston. The city’s  drains are overflowing with tears for the loss of one of the region’s most brilliant human beings, the silencing of an astounding mind, unfettered, unshackled and unafraid. What will your legacy be for those of us whose histories you shaped Aggrey Brown, whose careers you moulded and whose hearts you continue to occupy? Walk good my friend, and know that we are pushing, probing and questioning, still striving to make an impact, just as irrevocably as you did…

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One Response to Farewell Thursday: Walk Good Aggrey Brown

  1. Alice Clarke says:

    Lovely words! So heart felt.

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