Say Sumthin Sat’day – Sa Ka Fet? Nous la! Nous la!

“ The refueling that happens to you daily in the Caribbean is to come outside your door, look outside and you see this astonishing thing that’s going on-which is the light and the sea that is changing- it’s just bewildering.”

Derek Walcott in an interview with Christian Campbell (2011)

Soaps! Some days I just cant help it and I’m an overzealous, overexcited, overly enthusiastic ball of (insert appropriate adjective) who’s just so inspired by the Caribbean and its creative promise. Being in St Lucia sometimes is just really overwhelming with all the green (bush), blue (sea) love (family) and light (life) in abundance, the awesomeness is exactly that, awesome.  Today’s post is just a big shout out to all the Caribbean creatives who are committed to doing what they love in an environment that’s filled with potholes and cas-cou (precipices) but they still continue to push hard. So this Sat’day, sending some blessings to Caribbean people everywhere and know that our regions artists and creatives are sticking it out and bringing the richness of our region to every corner of the universe…

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One Response to Say Sumthin Sat’day – Sa Ka Fet? Nous la! Nous la!

  1. ida says:

    I hear you! One.. Ida

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