MUST SEE MONDAY: Darwin’s Nightmare

This morning’s post is a little personal, so be warned. It’s about film-making and representation, about capitalism and oppression about living a purpose filled life or a sand filled one. By sand I mean the frivolous,meaningless rubbish things that we populate our existence with instead of the rocks that we should put in our jars first. Ok, let me explain… I read this article the other day that equated our lives to these glass jars, right. For many of us we fill our jars with rocks, but is the jar full? Nope, there is room for more, so we put in some pebbles. Even then with pebbles and rocks, is  the jar full? Not yet, there is still room for more, lets pour in some sand. According to the author of that article, when we arrange our lives in this way, we are able to create the space we need for everything, by putting the important things first, ie the rocks, which represent family, love, health, relationships. The pebbles are our respective jobs etc and the sand ofcourse means the trappings and material things we hoard and hold on to. If we fill our jars with sand first, there will be no room left for anything else. I find it a simple yet very powerful metaphor. Maybe it’s the same thing with our careers, since most times for artists, its like we find our art/careers to be the entire jar itself. What are we filling our own jars with then, that becomes the central question. This morning I woke up asking the universe to guide me in the right direction ref the activities and projects that take up my time. I mean, I am superbly grateful for the life I am able to eke out but sometimes I find myself completely unsatisfied. Working for/with/ albeit outside of the corporate advertising machinery has its fun moments, but at the end of the day, after seeing a film like Darwin’s Nightmare, am kind of left wondering what my major contribution to my world is going to be…Watch this film when you have a moment and if you’re suffering from a dose of lostness, maybe this film will help you back on the road to finding yourself. One Love.

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One Response to MUST SEE MONDAY: Darwin’s Nightmare

  1. yvonne iles says:

    Thank you Michelle
    the underdevelopment never stopped and will get worse. even more sad Jamaica has been involved, trafigura. Many years ago my brother in law , a woloff with Jamaican ancestry, showed us a place in West Africa where they fished and then smoked the fish it was a beautiful place and the fish were like herring…… what a sad progression….. the people around the lake are a royal and timeless people and the degradation of them shown is hard to stomach and even worse so when juxtaposed with white fish fillet. Bawl me a bawl

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