World Cinema Wednesday

Been a while but here I am…the sun shines upon me as it always has. Today I recommend a film that’s admittedly not the easiest to watch. The visuals, the style, the balls to even try something like this though…totally worth the trip. Set in Tokyo but feels more like a sleazy version of Paris. There are a lot of drugs…the way it’s shot? You might as well be on some yourself. Enter The Void by Gasper Noe. (He did Irreversible)

“Death takes one man on a journey that is by turns beautiful and terrifying in this feature from writer and director Gaspar Noé, who describes it as “a psychedelic melodrama.” Oscar (Nathaniel Brown) is a small-time drug dealer who sells his wares at a club in Tokyo called “The Void.” In the midst of a deal that goes sour, Oscar is shot dead, and finds himself crossing from one plane of existence to the next. When he was younger, Oscar made a pledge to his younger sister, Linda (Paz de la Huerta), to always look after her, and as his soul leaves his body, the spirit is led on a journey through Tokyo, past traditional consciousness, and into the moment of human creation as he struggles to be reunited with Linda, who now works as an exotic dancer. Soudain le Vide (aka Enter the Void) received its world premiere at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival.” ~ Mark Deming


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One Response to World Cinema Wednesday

  1. marcusbird says:

    Watched this film. Definitely a head trip in two ways. One just the nature of the film’s “out of body” style, and two, having lived in Tokyo I recognized a boatload of the places they shot in. Very interesting way of reinterpreting the city through the lens…

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