Say Sumthin Sat’day: Advertising Commentary

Greeeetings NCC blogistas. We’re back!! Been working hard on some epic stuff so forgive the extended absence. Casting off today with Say Sumthin Sat’day…a commentary on advertising today from yours truly. Here goes…
So its a pretty likle Sat’day morning and on my usual AM cyber lime I stumbled on some interesting stuff from Ad Age. The state of advertising in America is a sight to behold. The latest drama is over Direct Tvs latest campaign and some fictional characters they’ve created, one called Opulence, the other, a boxer named “Tommy the Truth Thompson.” After a big hurrah developed about racial stereotyping, the marketing company behind the campaign decided to pull the plug on “Tommy the Truth.” Take a look at the offending commercials and drop us a line, tell us what you think. I personally would love to see advertising in the Caribbean venture out of the box a bit and take a break from the usual song and dance routine, but hey… word on the street is that there’s a brand in Jamaica unleashing a major game changing campaign this summer…hehehe…keep checking the site, we soon let the cat out of the bag. Promise.

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