MUST SEE MONDAY: Mexico’s bestselling secret…Narco-cinema

So I’d heard of VICE magazine (veece, as we say in kweyol Ste Lisi) but hadn’t had the pleasure until last week to log in to their online television, VBS TV, featuring a bunch of crazy underground documentaries (like the story of Liberia’s General Butt Naked but that’s a whole other story) and my favourite, the Vice Guide to Cinema. So the Vice Guide to Cinema is a no holds barred uncensored look at the all these crazy underground cinema movements happening around the world… Take a look at this trailer and then hit the link below for an eye opener: Mexico’s best selling cinema export… This is low budget cinema on steroids (actually maybe not steroids but a different kind of cultural export)…think el Mariachi, Nollywood style… check it out…Narco Cinema for this week’s Must See Monday.

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