FIRST LOOK FRIDAY: Tivoli Gardens…one year later

So this morning I realised that yes, it’s actually a year since the man hunt for Christopher Dudus Coke intensified in Jamaica and the Gaza Strip found its new home in Tivoli Gardens. It’s been a year since I first felt genuine, make-you -lose-sleep fear in Jamaica, and called my family home in St Lucia to lie and give them the false reassurance that everything was cool and that they had no reason to worry about my safety here on the rock. Turns out that they didn’t but had I been one of the unfortunate residents of Tivoli Gardens, would I be around today to share this memory?
Today’s post is a little gloomy but very very necessary in a world that is fast becoming consumed by decadence and violence, a horrible combination. Today’s videos are lifted from the Gleaner newspaper company’s av feed and present portraits of residents from Tivoli Gardens, their current condition today, one year later. NCC does not have any political affiliation to either political party or organisation but as filmmakers, artists and human beings, we cannot shy away from re-presenting the truth, whosever’s version of it that it may be. Bless up.

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