World Cinema Wednesday

One of my favorite trailers from last year. One of my favorite films from this year. In true Inarritu  style, it’s “downer-ific”, gloomy and serious. It’s also wise and beautiful in it’s own highly unique way. There are a few Inarritu haters out there, and even some critics that gave Babel bad reviews. Fack em’. It’s ridiculous to hate on this guy – the man is a master director. Javier Bardem also gives a performance to definitely match homeboy from The King’s Speech. Go find Biutiful.

A man tries to reconcile his desire to be good with his lawless ways in this dark drama  Uxbal  is a man with a bright side and a dark side. Uxbal is a caring father who is strong but affectionate toward his two children, Ana and Mateo , and he struggles to maintain a healthy relationship with their mother, Marambra , despite her problems with alcohol and instability. But Uxbal is also a criminal who oversees a small underground empire alongside fellow crime boss Hai  and Uxbal’s impulsive brother, Tito . Uxbal’s dealings range from drugs to construction, but unlike his partners in crime, he tries to treat those around him with dignity even as he trades in human misery. Uxbal’s precarious world begins to collapse when he’s diagnosed with a serious illness and told he has only a few weeks left to live; he tries to put his affairs in order in the time he has left, but realizes that few around him have any sense of responsibility. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

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