FIRST LOOK FRIDAY: High Grade Love Music Video: directed by Nile Saulter

So Nile Saulter is hitting his stride as chairman of NCC indie style. His latest project, directing and editing the debut music video for the Jamaican band Blue Grass in the Sky is to say the least a visual feast. With superb colouring by our man of infinite talents Joel Burke, I think this video is very cool and could rival any visual output from Torro y Moi anyday 🙂 The video premieres tonight on CVM’s Entertainment Report (ER) at 9 pm but if you ent got no cable but you have access to some (h)internet, catch it here online, for FIRST LOOK FRIDAY. Big UP all the cast and crew and the band ofcourse and Big BIG UP to Tiff Lue Yen for getting the ball rolling behind the scenes.

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