FIRST LOOK FRIDAY: Waste Land vs Inside Job…

The Oscars are rigged. Maybe we all knew this already but whoy. It needs to be said again. So much for artistic and creative integrity and the value of story. I remember being so shocked one day when a very prominent NY critic in our film criticism class basically said that critics sometimes wait to see what their peers have written before they write their own stories, that film producers spend a huge amount of time and resources trying to get favour with jurors on the Oscar committee and that in alot of instances these jurors do not even watch all the films submitted but kind of go with the flow of what everyone else thinks about what’s hot to watch this year. My cherry was popped. Our naivety about this industry is truly very risible. About the two films in question, one had me crying, the other had me snoring. They both deal with globally relevant issues that affect the lives of millions of people, one had a great story arch and took me on an incredible journey, the other was a hodge podge of talking heads and analytical data from the most boring narrator in documentary history. One got an Oscar the other didn’t. Watch ’em both when you get a sec, and tell me what you think.

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  1. Tanya Davies says:

    Easy, they met the quota of diversity last year – 2010
    (3 minorities got for writing, documentary and acting) so how much more can you ask for?…They need a break. Two things 1. my cynicism began after Steven Spielberg did “The Color Purple”. It was a superior film with a great soundtrack and not one award did he receive. However when he did “Schindler’s List” which was a good story but I often heard professionals state was not as creative as the former but it got noticed because it touched on the Jewish Holocaust which they meant tongue-in-cheek was the way to get nominated. 2. I worked at a production house that won 2 Oscars and yes the politics, schmoozing, gifts, wining and dining is incredible at that time. You would think the directors and producers are chasing their lover(s) at the height of the romance. Sometimes, a good film wins because the talk and the actual screening was that powerful (possibly “The Hurt Locker”), but in most cases not so. It is a business, simple.

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