World Cinema Wednesday

Greetings. This week I’ve decided to recommend a film a little closer to home than most others I’ve posted here. It’s director, Frank E. Flowers, attended the 2nd staging of the Flashpoint Film Fest we had in Negril, where he showed his also brilliant short Swallow. This is the feature he did subsequently, an extremely solid and entertaining first effort which inexplicably got a lot of lukewarm (or bad) reviews from the American press. I’m a fan of film reviews myself but in this case the point is proven that sometimes the critics are just wrong, or misguided, or smoking something they shouldn’t. Check out a scene from Haven. Oh, it’s also set in Cayman where the NCC team visited a few months back. (nice place)

With federal agents on his heels, a corrupt Miami businessman tapes a million dollars to his midsection and flees to the exotic Cayman Islands, his unsuspecting daughter Pippa  reluctantly in tow. But while her father is desperately laundering his dirty money with a British investment banker, Pippa runs off to explore the island and its wild party scene with native Caymanian Fritz . This island bad-boy is a real charmer with a dark side that’s liable to get Pippa and her father in serious trouble. He’s also an ominous thread connecting a sinister drug lord to Shy and Andrea , two innocent lovers whose forbidden passion ignites a violent chain reaction across the West Indies paradise and turns the tropical haven into a refuge that’s anything but safe. – Filmjabber


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