Back on Track Tuesday :-P

Grreeeetings, once again. We are in the fourth and final quarter of the year and pushing to make good on all our timelines and promises for an awesome short film series. Here’s whats up on the NCC callendar of events, hope you continue to support us while we make the New Caribbean Cinema dream a reality.

September: look out for some press on the 4th and 5th films in series, SUNDAY directed by Kyle Chin and PARISH BULL directed by Ras Tingle. Needless to say, we have been holding out on you, but that’s only because major things have been happening in the NCC camp and we have to cover all the bases to make sure the good times continue to roll πŸ™‚

So, look out for behind the scenes pics and videos from these two shoots, all coming this week on the site. Next in the film line up is Joel Burke’s MY VOTE, a topical, polemic short film all about politix and politrix, and the director’s very unique view on how to beat the system: in development and pre-prod through September.

October: NCC hits cinemas in Trinidad and Tobago as part of the official line up off the TTFF! October 1 screening in Tobago and October 2, 10 pm screening at Movie Towne Port of Spain. Great way to begin the month, n’est ce-pas?

Also in October, the mucho anticipado release of the film Better Mus Come. Although not produced by the NCC camp, Better Mus Come is the feature film debut of NCC exec producer Storm Saulter so we are sending BIG BIG UPS to the entire cast and crew as the count down begins for the October 13 release. Make sure to checkout the website in our cool links on the right or click right here for direct access.

Nuff said. Keep checking us out and big up and bless up for all the love and support. NCC to the world!

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