Top of the Morning from NCC

Greeetings Caribbean massive. Last week was a hectic and heavy week, and to make up for our likle absence, this week we have a bunch of visual goodies for you. (DRUMROLL) So what’s in the goody bag?…updates on the release of Storm’s debut feature film Better Mus Come, wicked pics from a recent shoot from an amazing fashion line by our most recent Trini-fabulous collaborator, a sneak peek of Wayne Marshall’s hot new video shot by the NCC crew, and ofcourse, very very exciting on our MUST SEE list, a prep up glimpse at Kyle Chin’s short film ” SUNDAY”, scheduled for production this week, this Thursday, right here on the rock. It’s a packed and exciting week ahead so keep on checking us out, as we get ready to blast off with strictly positive vibes, this week at NCC. BLESS UP!

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One Response to Top of the Morning from NCC

  1. The question is how can I join your team! I am loving the ideas and the work you guys have been projecting and hopefully one day I am able to meet and work with all of you. You guys make my west indian heritage even more rich.


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