Samedi Saturday

For those of you with any knowledge of French you will know that I just wrote “Saturday Saturday”, but for those without, Samedi is an exotic word meaning its great to live in the Caribbean. Speaking of Caribbean, we recently did an interview with a cool writer Jonathan Ali, for Caribbean Beat, the Caribbean Airlines inflight magazine. They asked us for a couple pics, we sent ’em out, a truckload of behind the scenes with crew, actors the works…and took it a step further, we made a bid for the cover. So, enlisting the skills of our trusted still photographer and portrait artist Marlon James, we hooked up a shoot 24 hours after the interview and here are the images below. Cover worthy? Drop us a line and tell us what you think! (Click the pic for enlarged view.) Keep checking our site, we will soon have more pics to put up of all the other directors in the series. BIG BIG up to Marlon for the photo skills. Hope we get the cover!

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2 Responses to Samedi Saturday

  1. Kyle Chin says:

    Sick photos guys. Marlon does it again!

  2. Khemani Thompson says:

    MADD PHOTO SHOOT YO FRET!!! MADDDD big up0 Joe B and Storm
    by: Khemani

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