Mpeg Streamclip

Today I’m going to do a small feature on an amazing, simple and free software that i use on a daily basis to convert all kinds of footage. Mpeg Streamclip has been around for a few years, just about the time HDV video came into the hands of consumers with cameras like the JVC GR-HD1 and the Sony HDR-FX1. It enables us to convert the Mpeg2 based clips from these cameras to a more friendly codec for editing. Because it was designed to work with Mpeg2 based files it was also very useful in converting DVD files into quicktime movies; just drop the VOB files from the dvd into Mpeg Streamclip and choose the desired codec to convert to. It can open most codecs and convert them to almost any other codec, including AVI, MOV, MP4, AIFF, Still Images and many others. Recently Mpeg Streamclip has become one of the favorite programs for converting clips from the Canon 5D and 7D cameras, because of its speed and ability to batch export several files into a codec more suited for editing like Apple ProRes for Final Cut Pro. Mpeg Streamclip can also do basic edits to trim and add clips through copy and paste and it has its own IN and OUT options and a trim tool. Mpeg Streamclip is an all round media converter that has options that many other paid apps don’t have, in a simple and easy interface


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2 Responses to Mpeg Streamclip

  1. jerome says:

    Nice post joel

  2. Perry Blunt says:

    Nice post JOE B. you can also check out magic bullet grinder that uses all the cores of your machine processor

    Magic Bullet Grinder Quick Start Guide from Red Giant Software on Vimeo.

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