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Israeli director Eran Kolirin‘s feature debut is an understated gem. Humane, subtle and very funny, the story occupies one of my favorite film settings – small towns in or near the desert. Praise should be given particularly to Kolirin (who … Continue reading

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MUST SEE Monday: COAST tonight at RedBones Cafe

Monday = Funday! Today’s post is a fresh look at Nile Saulter’s film COAST, which will screen tonight as part of Kingston on the Edge’s Film Series from 8 -11pm, at RedBones Cafe in New Kingston (Argyle Road). The night … Continue reading

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Samedi Saturday

For those of you with any knowledge of French you will know that I just wrote “Saturday Saturday”, but for those without, Samedi is an exotic word meaning its great to live in the Caribbean. Speaking of Caribbean, we recently … Continue reading

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New Caribbean Cinema TV! Oooh weeee!

Soo, we’ve added a new page to the site 🙂 Check out our videos page for a direct link to promo material, interviews, film clips and other tidbits happening in the world of NCC. Life is happening and tings are … Continue reading

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Why Not? Wednesday…

Greeetings Caribbean cineastes! Today we take a break from World Cinema Wednesdays (since Nile has been on a shoot since the crack of dawn) to post a little tidbit borrowed from one of my favorite blogs Truly Free Film. I … Continue reading

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First Look (Listen) Friday with Storm

in Late 2009, the New Caribbean Cinema team worked with producers The Kitchen Sisters on the first part of their series “The Hidden life of Girls”. a study of young women all over the world, and their secret, and sometimes … Continue reading

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The future is ours if we seize today…a post from filmmaker Amos Poe

I came across this article in my subscription to HopeforFilm and thought it was inspiring, so decided to share…each generation has an opportunity to remake and recreate cinema, here’s to generation now. By Amos Poe There’s been much talk lately … Continue reading

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A poignant and powerful film chronicling the South America-spanning motorcycle journey of a young Ernesto Guevara. Brazilian director Walter Salles Jr. treats the material with great care and affection, while cinematographer Eric Guatier uses light and framing to great emotional … Continue reading

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Mpeg Streamclip

Today I’m going to do a small feature on an amazing, simple and free software that i use on a daily basis to convert all kinds of footage. Mpeg Streamclip has been around for a few years, just about the time HDV … Continue reading

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Quickie Highlight from MISSED screening…

Winding down our weekiversry with a little clip from the MISSED screening. Roll call: NCC massive: Writer/Director: Michelle Serieux: DP/Exec Producer:Storm Saulter; 1st AD: Nile Saulter; Key Grip: Kyle Chin; Sound Design/Score Seretse Small; Behind The Scenes Video/Stills; Marlon James. … Continue reading

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