MUST SEE Monday: making a smash at Calabash

So we’re back from the Calabash Literary Festival, and the three day fest obviously had a profound effect as evidenced of course by my laureate winning rhyme in the above title. Hold the applause.

So, we’re prepping a whole heap of visual goodies, clips from interviews, pics and reviews from the screening of COAST which took place on Friday night with a wonderful response from the Calabash audience. We are also celebrating the success of the sneak preview of MISSED which got such an overwhelming response, we had to have two screenings and Q&As 🙂 We are super grateful for such a positive response, the feedback has been absolutely encouraging and really fantastic. Please keep the comments and tips coming and keep visiting the site! In the meantime between time, while we busy ourselves compressing and converting and uploading and downloading footage for you, take a peak at our slideshow from the screening of COAST, directed by the NCC chairman of cool, Nile Saulter. Photos courtesy of Marlon James.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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