One of my favorite films from which I’m drawing much inspiration for a feature script I’m working on. Blow Up is widely considered to be Antonioni’s seminal work, but I definitely think The Passenger gives it a run for it’s money. The tracking shot alone at the film’s conclusion makes it worth watching.

“The mutual admiration between actor Jack Nicholson and director Michelangelo Antonioni resulted in the psychological drama The Passenger. Nicholson plays David Locke, a disillusioned American reporter who is sent on a grueling mission to North Africa. When he stumbles across the body of a dead man, Locke, long desirous of starting life over again, assumes the corpse’s identity. He soon discovers that the man he’s pretending to be is involved in gun running on behalf of a terrorist group. Making the acquaintance of a mysterious woman Maria Schneider, he finds a kindred spirit — a woman as lost as he is”. – Hal Erickson


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