Shoot Films, NOT People!!!

Bwoi, so things are pretty serious over in Kingston the last few days with this extradition issue and the opposition being put up by criminals intent on defending their don. The scenes on the news look like we were in Palestine or some other part of the world and I can’t help but wonder what are these guys thinking? Honestly, this entire situation is surreal and feels like I’m in a spaghetti western. Its long been known that Jamaicans have been fans of the shoot em up genre but now the big screen is in our back yard. What can I say? Another consequence of the overdose on Western/American media consumption? Here’s another argument for why the Caribbean needs to create its own media products that entertain yes, but can forward a vision of the world and society we want to live in, where violence is not the over-riding factor. Anyhoo, we’re taking it easy over at NCC, watching the situation, being happy for our small victories like yesterday’s Observer Spread and in the meantime between time, we will continue to shoot films, not people. Bless up Jamaica.

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