MUST SEE Monday: Young Talent V Exhibition

Greetings folks! Today we are happy to report THE most inspiring, thought provoking find of the weekend, that being the Emerging Artists/Young Talent V Exhibition, which opened yesterday at the Jamaica National Gallery. The amazing talent on display proves that there is indeed a vibrant pumping artist community here and these visual artists are determined to be heard. So in total and complete solidarity, the Young Talent V Exhibition is the absolute first choice for our MUST SEE Monday feature. We’re prepping some wicked video clips that Storm managed to capture yesterday so look out for some exciting visual treats in the next few minutes from yesterday’s opening. BIG BIG UP to all the artists in the exhibition: Marvin Bartley, Keisha Castello, Stefan Clarke, Michael Elliot, Christopher Harris, Leasho Johnson, Megan McKain, Oliver Myrie, Dion Palmer, Ebony Patterson, Oneika russell, Caroline Sardine, Philip Thomas and Marlon James, our committed NCC comrade and behind the scenes photographer/videographer for the film series. The Exhibition runs from March 16-July 3 and is a definite MUST SEE…

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One Response to MUST SEE Monday: Young Talent V Exhibition

  1. Carlene Taylor says:

    I second that,Young Talent V Exhibition definately excites the palates of those hungry for a creative Utopia. The artists are really making waves. I went and was blown away. I have not been around for too long, but i can’t remember a time when so many people were excited about art. DO go see

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