First Look Fridays is happening NOW at NCC!

Greetings Caribbean comrades in cinema! We are very excited to be bringing you the FIRST LOOK, this Friday and every Friday after this, of our works in progress at New Caribbean Cinema. We are gearing up towards the first public screening of one of the films in the series, and getting ready to do some very interesting media blasts here in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean. But in the meantime, we want to reward YOU for visiting our site, and the reward is a big one, you get to see it all, here, FIRST.

In today’s goody basket, which we are so happy to present, is the trailer, infact opening scene (film’s too short to have a ‘trailer’) of MISSED, starring Roger Guenveur Smith, Sharea Samuels and Marlon Stewart Gaynor I, written and directed by yours truly. The film is being converted as we speak (write) so link us back in 10 minutes, and have the FIRST LOOK!

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One Response to First Look Fridays is happening NOW at NCC!

  1. Trevon Salmon says:

    i’m very happy to see the caribbean doing so well in the film industry. i think that your work are true reflection of life and putting it to sreen its very wonderful. i am wondering where in jamaica you are base i think i have an interest in film and would love to pursue it.

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