By any means necessary…

I bet you Natalie Thompson didn’t know that was our informal motto when she spoke at that JTI meeting today. Well, this is me making sure she knows we didn’t tief her words πŸ™‚

On a serious note, there is so much work to be done to create the environment for film-makers to flourish in our region its not even funny. You basically have to put on blinders and dig deep, very very very deep into your heart to dedicate your life to this artform and dig even deeper into your pocket too once you’ve decided to commit. Doom and gloom aside, the future looks bright Caribbean people, because what I took from that meeting is that we the film-makers are committed to not only getting the work done, but getting it done at a standard that cannot be denied. So in the meantime between time, keep checking out our site for updates, promos, behind the scenes videos as we continue to bring you the stories at the heart of our New Caribbean Cinema, by any means necessary.

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