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MUST SEE Monday: making a smash at Calabash

So we’re back from the Calabash Literary Festival, and the three day fest obviously had a profound effect as evidenced of course by my laureate winning rhyme in the above title. Hold the applause. So, we’re prepping a whole heap … Continue reading

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FIRST LOOK Friday: see COAST and MISSED at Calabash

Warm Friday Greetings Cineworld! It’s raining cats and dogs in Kingston but we will soon be making the trek down to Treasure Beach where we hope it’ll be strictly sunny skies. We are happy to finally confirm and share our … Continue reading

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One of my favorite films from which I’m drawing much inspiration for a feature script I’m working on. Blow Up is widely considered to be Antonioni’s seminal work, but I definitely think The Passenger gives it a run for it’s … Continue reading

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Quick Update and Corrections to Observer Story

Greetings all! Thanks for all the support we’ve been getting over the past few, on facebook and here on the site. We’re thrilled to be making such an impact. Just a quick note that so far Calabash is still happening … Continue reading

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Shoot Films, NOT People!!!

Bwoi, so things are pretty serious over in Kingston the last few days with this extradition issue and the opposition being put up by criminals intent on defending their don. The scenes on the news look like we were in … Continue reading

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New Caribbean Cinema: full featurette

As promised…here’s the full featurette, with everything you saw on ER and more…

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Full cut uploading as we speak…catch what you didn’t see on ER…

So after watching a bunch of crash zooms to Gyptian’s shoes and motorbike, we finally came on, but guess what, our segment wasn’t shown in full…! Well, as promised, its going to be all on here, as soon as we … Continue reading

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Phhewww! Finally! Cineworld, we have been working around the clock this week trying to get some press out there to let you all know that we are as serious as my surname when it comes to film-making. FINALLY, our much … Continue reading

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So it’s been almost six years since I’ve moved back to Jamaica.  I must admit that between Miami and New York, the art scene was really pumping and it was enough to keep me inspired. Back on our side of … Continue reading

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Greetings and salutations, Nilus here for my first World Cinema Wednesday. Today I recommend to you a film written and directed by Japanese master Kaneto Shindo, the brilliant Onibaba. SYNOPSIS: “A landmark in fantasy cinema, this lyrical ghost story is … Continue reading

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